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Why Join Our Lady Crowned Credit Union?

Members of a credit union enjoy many benefits, including:

No fees – Free Services – Convenience – Community Benefits

  • There are no account fees, maintenance costs or charges
  • We have a wide range of financial services available with discounts and free services for members
  • Competitive loan interest rates
  • Encouragement and advice on a regular savings programme
  • Return on your savings through annual dividends and loan interest rebate
  • Pay into your savings or pay off your loan by direct debit
  • Loan Protection and Life Savings Insurance at no direct cost to eligible members

How do I Join?

Joining is Easy! To be eligible for membership of Our Lady Crowned Credit Union you must be living or working within our common bond area.

The common bond is the factor which unites all the members of Our Lady Crowned Credit Union — it is what all members have in common i.e. that they live and work in the same area. Because of the common bond, all members have the good of their credit union at heart; they know and trust each other.

The European Communities Payment Services Regulations 2009 applies to Our Lady Crowned Credit Union. A copy of these regulations for members can be viewed here:

Regulation 53 Information for members

  1. General Credit Union Questions

What is a Credit Union?

A Credit Union is a financial co-operative that provides savings and loan facilities for the benefit of its members. As a co-operative, it is owned and controlled by those members, each of whom has a vote, regardless of how much or how little they have saved.

Who can join and what is a common bond?

Each Credit Union is an independent entity serving members drawn from a particular area or group – this is known as a Common bond. Our Lady Crowned Credit Union is based upon a community bond, where all members live or work within a defined locality. The common bond is what enables members to know and trust one another.

How is a Credit Union different?

A Credit Union is different because it is not owned by any one person, organization or group of shareholders. Instead, each Credit Union is owned by its members, and each member has an equal say in the running of their Credit Union. As a ‘not-for-profit’ organization, members’ savings are used to fund loans to members at reasonable rates of interest. Similarly, the interest charged on loans is used to fund a return (or dividend) on members’ savings. Decisions are made at a local level for the benefit of its members, not for stock markets.

  1. Membership & Services

How do I become a member?

Simply call to our office and submit an application for membership. Please bring the following documentation with you;

  • Photographic identification (e.g. valid passport or driving licence)
  • Proof of Address (e.g. bank statement or utility bill dated within the last three months)
  • Personal Public Service (PPS) Number (e.g. payslip, social welfare card, tax documentation)

It is important that these documents are in date as out of date documentation causes unnecessary delay in applications. When you apply for membership it is submitted to our Membership Committee for approval. Once approved, you will then receive a letter in the post which you can bring with you to open your account. This process is usually completed within 10 working days. A minimum amount of €5 must be lodged to activate the account.

Who can open a Juvenile Account (i.e. an account for children under 16 years)?

The child’s parent or legal guardian may open a juvenile account. The parent or legal guardian must present the child’s birth certificate or passport and his or her own passport or drivers licence, a current utility bill and the child’s PPS Number (on official documentation).  In the case of legal guardianship, proof of guardianship (e.g. adoption papers) must also be presented.  Either parent may operate the account, but where a withdrawal is requested from a juvenile account, both parent and child must sign the withdrawal form. Should the child be too young to sign, notice is required for withdrawals, as these must be sanctioned by the Board of Directors.

What if I don’t have all the necessary documentation as listed above?

We recognize that not everybody will have these so don’t hesitate to contact us so we can advise you on how to get the necessary documentation.

What services are available to members?

For a full list of our services please click here.

Can I pay into my account using a debit card?

Yes. We accept debit card payments in our Mayfield office. If you are unable to call into the office, you can make a payment over the phone by supplying us with your debit card details. This information is taken in the strictest confidence. Please note that we do not accept credit cards or offer cash back facilities.

How does the Quicklodge system operate?

  1. Complete a quicklodge docket in our Mayfield office at the Quicklodge counter.
  2. Retain duplicate copy as your receipt.
  3. Place cash or cheques in envelope (up to €1,000 in Cash). No coins are accepted.
  4. Seal envelope and place in Quicklodge box.
  5. Envelopes are removed at regular intervals during the day and checked in the presence of two officals.
  6. The deadline for same day processing of lodgements is 4pm on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday/ 5pm Friday & 12pm on Saturday.
  7. A receipt can be supplied on request.

What bills can be paid with your Paypoint service?

  • ESB (Electricty & Gas)
  • Bord Gais (Electricty & Gas)
  • ESB Tokens
  • Eircom
  • Vodafone
  • UPC
  • Airtricity
  • Power Prepay
  • Mobile Phone Top-ups
  • Property Tax

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